Letting software do the heavy lifting is our founding principle. CloudCover's products revolve around the central theme of helping you get the most out of the cloud. They're purpose built to make it easier to save money on the cloud.

  • Thrifty


    Thrifty is a simple tray application for the Mac (coming soon for Windows!), that helps you save money by switching off development resources on the cloud when you're not using them.

    The idea is really simple. Developers are lazy. So we made it as simple as possible to turn off your dev/test servers on either AWS or GCP (Azure coming soon!). You just need to put your computer to sleep. The second your laptop lid shuts, Thrifty starts turning off resources so you don't have to pay for them. It's currently in closed beta and you can sign up right here.

  • Meter


    All the public clouds now offer some form of what started out as "spot pricing" on AWS. This is effectively a massively discounted price for computing resources but with the caveat that you aren't guaranteed to hold on to the resource if somebody is willing to pay more for it. This leads to massive savings but also requires a substantial amount of orchestration and planning.

    Meter helps our customers leverage spot, pre-emptible and low-priority VMs on AWS, GCP and Azure respectively and keep their budgets and burn under control.